ABB Weld Cell with Robotic Parts Load/Unload:

This is a dual robot system used to weld highway crash protection barriers. The system was designed to allow "lights out" operation. Once the operator loads the parts magazines, the ABB IRB2400 robot loads one weld fixture while the IRB140 welds parts in the other. The parts are assembled in layers to form a honeycomb-shaped part. A finished part is automatically offloaded by the robot onto a belt conveyor.  Click for more info.

Panasonic Dual Robot Automotive Seat Cells:

Panasonic's PA122W featuring two TA1400WG robots with a headstock/tailstock positioner and custom-designed tooling is used to weld automotive SUV seats for a major automotive company. Arc data monitoring is also included to prevent defective welds from leaving the weld cell. As an automotive component, sensors are required to ensure that all parts are loaded and properly clamped. Click for more info.

Motoman Dual Robot Skyhook System:

A 25,000 pound capacity two-axis skyhook positioner along with two Motoman HP50-20 long reach robots are the heart of this system that is used to weld generator cores. Comarc, through arc seam tracking, and touch sensing is used to find and track weld joints. An Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI are used for cell and fixture control. Click for more info.