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Motoman 25,000# Capacity Skyhook Cell:

A 25,000 pound capacity two axis skyhook positioner along with two Motoman HP50-20 long reach robots are the heart of this system that is used to weld generator cores. Comarc, through arc seam tracking, and touch sensing are used to find and track weld joints while Miller Auto Axcess weld equipment provides welding power. An Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI are used for cell and fixture control. The size of the component parts and system required that it be put into an 8' pit in order to allow loading of parts with an overhead crane.
Key Benefits

• Reduced weld cycle time from several hours to a maximum of 40 minutes per part.
• Touch sensing reduced rework by finding mis-located parts from pre-tacking.
• Two axis positioner reduced the need for overhead crane to manipulate parts.