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ABB Weld Cell with Robotic Parts Load/Unload:

This is a dual robot system used to weld highway crash protection barriers. The system was designed to allow "lights out" operation. Once the operator loads the parts magazines, the ABB IRB2400 robot loads one weld fixture while the IRB140 welds parts in the other. The parts are assembled in layers to form a honeycomb shaped part. A finished part is automatically offloaded by the robot onto a belt conveyor.

One of the challenges was to hold the parts for welding without creating weld location issues due to stack-up tolerances. This was overcome with unique tooling that assembles the parts downward, thus eliminating tolerance issues.
Key Benefits:

Allowed the company to bring work back in-house that had been outsourced to other vendors.

There is currently less WIP due to the parts being welded at the final assembly station.

Less labor as only one person is required to keep parts in the parts magazines.