ABB Robotics - 10 most popular applications for robots

Every year the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) issues statistics on the top applications for industrial robots. This movie features examples from the top 10 - including Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Materials Handling, Machine Tending, Picking Packing Palletizing, Painting & Assembly

ABB Robotics - Spot Welding at Volvo (with Integrated Dress Packs)

Exterior cables on robots suffer from wear & tear and can lead to downtime. To address this issue Volvo, working closely with ABB, have equipped their Spot Welding robots with Integrated Dress Packs. The solution enhances cable & hose lifecycles, reduces production costs & downtime, and facilitates shorter start-up times.

ABB Robotics - Fanta Can Challenge- Level II - Superior Motion Control

Superior motion control is the hallmark of all ABB industrial robots. In the first FANTA Can Challenge we set a test that none of our competitors could come close to. Now with the Level II challenge we have "raised the bar another notch" by introducing a THIRD robot & tightening the tolerances. The gap between the cans & pin is now only 1mm. And as always with ABB robots "What you program is what you get - AT ANY SPEED".