Insite System Setup

The InSite Secomea-based system utilizes an X.509 security certificate located on a Link Manager user's computer, along with a password to provide security while that user's has a connection. This method is superior to a simple username/password access, which can be compromised when a password is lost or copied, or user access is restricted. It also prevents "man-in-the-middle" attacks, since the connection is encrypted on both ends. With a single issued certificate under the control of the Gate Manager admin, a hacker cannot gain access to the devices on the system. User's can be restricted to a particular location, rather than global access to the system if so desired.

In order to setup up access on a LinkManager user's computer, the GateManager Administrator will create a User account. Upon creation of this user account, an email will be sent to that user with the security certificate. The password for the user will either be sent in another email, or verbally by the Gate Manager Administrator.

When the user first sets up his computer, he will first need to save the emailed certificate to his computer. Next, the user will start the LinkManager program. Once the "Login" Page opens, the user will need to add the saved certificate to his log on. On this page, the user will select the "Certificates" button at the bottom, which will take them to the "LinkManager User Certificates" Page. The user will then select the "New" button on the bottom, which will then bring up the "Install Linkmanager User Certificate" Page. Once here, the user will select the certificate that was saved to his computer, will enter a nickname in the alias field, and the password that was given to him by the Gate Manager administrator. Typically, the user will select the "remember password" and just utilize the certificate as the main security tool for log ons. Each network admin will have different requirements for this. Once the all of the information is selected and entered, the user will select the "Install" button. This will add the certificate in order to allow log in to the system.

Once this account is added, the user will be brought back to the "LinkManager User Certificates" Page. At this point the user will hit the "Back" button to return to the "Login" page. At this point, the user can select the newly added certificate from the drop down list in the "Certificate" field, and is now ready to login to the system with that newly created account.